Artans –a few may call this a studio; some may feel that it is an art gallery & most would regard it as an academy of Art/ Design /Architecture. But actually it's an environment which inspires individuality-an environment that facilitates learning, not merely teaching –an environment that allows students to acquire training and not just be taught.
ARTANS ARTS ACADEMY is a living and working academy that is always changing and growing but will be the passion that drives ARTANS. Artans is more than just an academy. It's a promoter also. We intend to promote FINE ART/DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE colleges through our website & promotional booklet also.


Since 2008, Artans has been spreading its colours throughout the world.. Its India's leading entrance preparation, ISO certified, Rajasthan Govt's authorized institute located at KOTA-Rajasthan. The coaching capital of India. The small town Kota in Rajasthan is home to more than 150 coaching institutes that prepare aspirants for engineering & medical entrance exams. More than 2 lacs students from the surrounding states flock to Kota's coaching institutes every year for the preparation of different competitive exams .This education hub is also famous for Kota Doriya Sarees, Kota Stone , Thermal Power Plant and lots more.


For the last 10years Artans has been assisting & providing comprehensive guidance to students who wish to prepare for entrance exams like NID/UCEED/NIFT/CEED/JEE MAINS PAPER-2/ NATA and all other Design /Fine Arts /Architecture oriented exams.
Artans believes in facilitating the process of learning and not merely teaching .The objective is not just to teach students but to sharpen individual's talent & creativity so that they may give birth to everlasting design. We place high emphasis in the manner of teaching and proudly cite the difference from regular classroom teaching methodologies designed to create globally versatile students. We provide just the right amount of guidance to an ART/DESIGN/ARCHITECTURE student. The mentors would ensure that the level of interaction is such that it eventually leads to learning that is comprehending, sustained & focused in depth & directly or indirectly design related. More than just teaching, Artans will support students through the entire process of learning making further academic decisions & grooming them to complete as true professionals.

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