Teaching methodology-

Let’s take the first step-

Here at Artans we study through two methods online as well as offline. Both of the methods go hand in hand. 

First the student is asked to install the Artans application and is made familiar with it. The course begins after the demo class so that the student gets an overview of the study procedures. 

An overview about the application-

All the topics are taught separately and some content giving an overview of each topic is also provided in the application. The course moves ahead step by step through a decided path. The application helps the student to clear the doubts and study a single topic repeatedly. Also, the tests are held online through the application and the results too are declared on it. Students will be able to clear their doubts in the absence of the faculty.

Test your knowledge-

Self-assess tests are held through application by which you can judge your preparation and work on it. Tests are scheduled after the completion of topics accordingly and marks and ranks are allotted to work on yourself. The test helps to boost up the student’s confidence and motivate for their career.

Moving ahead-

The security of career is not only looked after through teaching but the attendance of the student is also kept in mind. The student is asked to submit an official written leave application and submit it before taking leave with their parents’ signature. The marks are informed to the parents as well, so that they get to know about their child’s performance.